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Le français suivra sous peu…

This is the twenty-sixth full refresh of this site which uses a specialized website building application and it is based on data taken from your host's Ancestry tree on 2022/08/04 starting at 11:44 CDT. As will be the case for the foreseeable future, that data was massaged considerably to ensure that more information pertaining to sources and citations is available to demonstrate why I believe what I have published.

Think I'm wrong? Bring your evidence and we will discuss your suggestions!

This update includes some changes and additions to the information pertaining to various families that were already on my tree. Working with some living descendants who had identified their ancestors on this site and with their help, I was able to add detail to parts of the tree that had previously been under-represented! I also added significant detail to the ancestry that pertains to a newly arrived grandniece! THAT was a particular pleasure!!

This update also reflects changes to a variety of profiles on my tree that really centre around six on-going activities:

- capture of current events observed by your host
- extension of the heritage my tree records for selected people based on expressed interest (as noted above)
- rendering visible more details from certain sources to enhance the understanding of why my tree reflects certain events and people
- rendering visible more of the citations my tree holds to support the events it reports
- adding more entries in the "Media" section, especially links to the "local history books" that are part of the University of Manitoba's Digital Collection and pertinent to the families on the tree
- an on-going low-level effort to "normalize" place names for events that happened prior to Canadian Confederation in places that were NOT to become Manitoba

As has been for some time and will continue to be the case: My work to catalogue graves and other final dispositions represents my contribution to bringing closure to as many people as possible by ensuring access to the virtual versions of the tributes made to those who have gone ahead. In my opinion, these efforts may assist many in planning visits to the physical locations in which the physical tributes persist. I expect to continuously improve this asset as I uncover misalignments between the best definitions of those places and many profiles on my tree. Correcting them will always improve the records offered here, and to Ancestry offering me new information about the affected people and their families. The tree is better for it. I invite you to browse the available list of <a href="cemeteries.php" target="_blank">cemetery definitions</a>.

My work includes an interest in making available to all, selected information from my Ancestry tree that can be readily accessed via free and public resources. This is especially true of the links to memorials on the Find a Grave service, but extends to some of the Government of Canada resources organized by its "Library and Archives" department, in particular, and other departments. I invite all visitors to seek out and read carefully the descriptions of those resources here. These are wonderful places to start your OWN research!

Also -- Still the case and expected to be this way for a long time:

Many of the records (items) specifically cited, regrettably, are stored in databases as part of the Ancestry service; to view them, an active Ancestry account is required. However, with the most recent changes, much more of the "descriptive" information about them is now available on this site.


My research continues and new information and connections are revealed on nearly a daily basis. For the foreseeable future, as was the case for the past many months, I plan to continue to update this site on an irregular basis; one that I expect to be no less than once a month.

The site allows anyone to see all of the information I have recorded about deceased people. Without an account and specific privileges assigned to it, <b>access to information about living people other than their name on this tree is restricted</b>. Even with such privileges, at your host's discretion, they may give you access to only information about people with whom you share direct ancestors. In the event you want to see more, please <a href="mailto:Rick.Dondo+TNG@pobox.com" target="_blank">get in touch</a>.

The overall tree now contains (versus 2022/07/18):

- Information about 20,150 people in 7,316 families (versus 20,071 people in 7,270 families)
- Of those people, 2,180 are known or believed to be alive (versus 2,178)
(*** Per our data protection policy... Your access to details about these people is most likely limited ***)
- 6,321 unique surnames (versus 6,288)
- information about events that happened in 11,334 different places (versus 11,296)
- 55,176 "Notes" that help tell people's stories (versus 54,390)
- 271,747 citations to support the facts and events I am reporting (versus 268,645)
- an inventory of graves located in 721 cemeteries around the world (versus 721)
- a collection of 184 "Media" items (essentially bookmarks!) that provide deeper background material about the history surrounding the lives profiled on my tree (versus 183)

You can check much of this out with other details on the <a href="statistics.php" target="_blank">Statistics</a> page.

This is all based on my Ancestry tree, which currently contains:

- 20,150 people  (versus 20,071)
- 16,587 photos  (versus 16,415)
-  1,185 stories (versus  1,180)
- 46,009 records (versus 45,686)

And at this time, there are 59,364 unprocessed "Hints" about 11,061 of the above people that have yet to be processed (versus 59,076 and 10,977).

I invite everyone to explore the features of this site. From the <a href="index.php" target="_blank">Home Page</a>, access to them begins at the bottom of the page, or you can use the Search (basic and advanced) functions to see pieces of information about the people and places of most interest to you.

Watch this space for more news as I find more to tell you and the site is updated.


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 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Landry, Jeffery Norbert Douglas "Jeff" 
   7 Aug 2022
Lennie-Anderson, Barbara Elsie 
b. 4 May 1941  Bresaylor, Saskatchewan, Canada  6 Aug 2022
"Ojibwe Indian", Marguerite 
b. 1800  Pembina, Pembina, North Dakota, United States  6 Aug 2022
?áha, Magdalena 
   6 Aug 2022
?áha, Mathias 
   6 Aug 2022
?lebity, Ewa "Eva" 
b. 1 Apr 1904  Boryczowka, Trembowla, Ternopil, Ukraine  6 Aug 2022
?opaci?ski "Opoka", Marianna "Anna" 
   6 Aug 2022
?ufan "Zufan", Anna 
   6 Aug 2022
Abecia, Nathalie Rapisua 
   6 Aug 2022
Abecia-Cam, Hannah Shaira 
   6 Aug 2022

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I402303887798  George Robert Lennie  I402303887245  Mary Ruby "Pearl" Dubois  9 Sep 1938  6 Aug 2022
     I402051169314  Sina L Bachman-Andrews    6 Aug 2022
     I402127441341  Marie-Louise Balez    6 Aug 2022
     I402038310745  Marie Louise Bernard    6 Aug 2022
     I402047360220  Annie Florence Amelia Burge    6 Aug 2022
     I402059218840  Mary Ann Calvert    6 Aug 2022
     I402056992543  Leona Chaput-Johnson    6 Aug 2022
     I402154718159  Marie Conan    6 Aug 2022
     I402058723770  Rose Czukau    6 Aug 2022
     I402052146802  Clothilde Destaler    6 Aug 2022