Rick Dondo's Family Tree

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Tree: Burdij Family Quest

Tree Name  Burdij Family Quest 
Description  Information about various families who had a presence in Manitoba in the early 20th century; families with names like "Burdij" who MAY have a connection to Dokija (1859), wife of Fred Russin *** Information is as accurate as the records will allow, but the RELATIONSHIPS are very much a WORK IN PROGRESS and there are very likely errors that will need to be corrected as more information comes to hand *** 
Individuals  50 
Families  23 
Owner  Rick Dondo 
Address  10 Chaffey Place 
City  Wimnipeg 
State/Province  Manitoba 
Zip/Postal Code  R2R2A4 
Country  Canada 
Email  Rick.Dondo+TNG@pobox.com 
Phone  +1-204-951-3272 

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